Friday, January 11, 2008

My Crazy Eight for 2008

1. I’m a quarter Polish,
2. A quarter Hungarian,
3. Half Czech,
4. Half Lithuanian-Russian.
5. Born in Israel,
6. And a proud American with a slight Israeli accent.
7. I know the math is not right, but these are facts!
8. The rest: I was raised as a scientist, but later in life, I discovered that humans cannot live on reason & linear thinking alone, so I went through years of personal transformation. Today, I work on combining creative expressions like storytelling, film, and visual and interactive design with technology and strategic planning. I can still be logical (and very much so), but I do it only when it's appropriate

This is an example of an apparent conflict between math (.25+.25+.5+.5=1.5) and life (a quarter, and a quarter, and a half, and a half are one). In life, one is unity and the above allocations describe how I feel about my cultural backgrounds. I also feel that there is no conflict between the math and how I feel or think about myself- It is all a matter of context. This is how I balance science & art in this case.